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IP Law

Notos knows your rights and the best way to assert them

The protection of intellectual property is a major competitive advantage in an increasingly knowledge-driven business and media world, where Intellectual Property (IP) is often worth far more than all tangible assets.

Notos has a powerful IP team that prosecutes and/or fends off IP infringements and anticompetitive violations. Product piracy in particular demands swift, efficient action. As in all other cases, here we do all that's necessary in and out of court to prosecute and fend off corresponding violations, right across the board.

We represent clients in all areas of national and international protection of intellectual property, Competition Law and Media and Press Law, including:

  • Trademark Law
  • Patent and Utility Model Law
  • Design Law
  • Registered Designs Law
  • Know-how Protection
  • Licence Law
  • Domain Management
  • Dishonesty Law
  • Competition Law (German unfair competition law)
  • Antitrust Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Copyright Criminal Law
  • Copyright Contract Law
  • Merchandising
  • Advertising Law
  • Publishing Law
  • Broadcasting Law
  • Press Law

Another focal aspect of IP Law includes developing tailor-made strategies for property rights and corresponding marketing and utilisation. Our clients benefit from Notos' consulting practice, extending from IP Law to IT Law, Commercial and Corporate Law through to Labour Law.

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