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Patent law and utility model

Patents represent an important and visible result of your research and development work and are at the same time a significant milestone for the future success on the market of your enterprise in technology-fired competition.

For many years, Notos has been representing entrepreneurs and companies in the assertion of their existing patent and utility model proceedings - by attack or defence.

Procedural specialities require that the litigant attorneys possess special knowledge. Technological properties set special challenges for the process-accompanying patent attorneys. Thanks to our good contacts with numerous patent attorney chambers in Germany and through our international network of experienced patent attorneys we are always in a position to bring in outstanding patent attorneys with specific, technological knowledge and know-how.

For the field of patent law and utility model we offer in particular:

In the area of attacking and defending patents and utility models

  • Protective briefs
  • Entitlement inquiries
  • Warning letters
  • Assertion of inspection claims in accordance with Article 140 c of the German Patents Act
  • Independent proceedings for the preservation of evidence
  • Patent infringement proceedings and interim injunctions
  • Customs and border seizure procedures
  • Trade fair service

In the field of patend prosecution and administering patents and registered designs

  • Co-ordination of registrations with patent attorneys
  • Actions for annulment before the Federal German Patent Court
  • Establishment of the lack of validity of patents that have expired
  • Negotiating and advising in connection with patent-licence and know-how contracts
  • Negotiating and advising in connection with technical co-operation contracts

In the field of the employee invention law

  • Provision of advice on and implementing of notification procedures
  • Representation before an arbitration board
  • Actions on remuneration
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